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Educare® (CAV) Fume Cupboard

Educare® (CAV) Fume Cupboards

The Educare® Fume Cupboard has been specially designed with secondary academic institutions in mind. Other clients may also find the size of  the Educare® better suits their needs.

This product has been built to the same high quality standard as other TPE fume cupboards, and offers an economical and practical unit made for busy teaching environments. It features a constant air volume (CAV) system, and fully complies with AS/NZS 2243.8 (2006) standards.

Other features include:

  • Optional side windows
  • Convenient size for smaller work areas
  • Optional Double-Sided (DS) models
  • Optional wrap-around glass

There are three options available for those considering an Educare® (CAV) fume cupboard:

The first is a Double Sided Educare® (CAV) fume cupboard that is fitted into a wall penetration. This allows for the set up of an experiment in the adjacent  room while the sash on the other side is closed and locked. The sash can then be opened, allowing someone on the other side to work with the cupboard. This double-sided option is designed so only one side can be open at a time, allowing for teaching and shared work between teachers and students, or two coworkers.

The second option is a standard wall installation fume cupboard, complete with side windows, which allows a wider view for students.

The third option is a freestanding installation cupboard, designed for a central room location. With wrap around visibility this allows several to work at the fume cupboard at once as many more watch on.

Contact us to learn more about the specifications of each unit, and how they might best work in your tertiary facility.

Educare® Fume Cupboards
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