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Our Process

Our Process

The laboratory environment is often complex and exacting when seeking a safe and healthy place for the science community to work.

Providing the right environment may require only an upgrade to the existing lab facility or it could be a totally new complex. Our expertise and design capabilities underpin the range of fume extraction products that we supply as core necessities when looking at a new laboratory.  

Fume extraction systems could include fume cupboards or fume cabinets, specialty bench extraction, mobile extraction arms, laminar flow cabinets, or DGS cabinets under the bench extraction. Usually this will require the supply and installation of extraction ducting and extraction fans, followed by commissioning of the total system.  

Outside the laboratory environment, there are requirements across the manufacturing sector for industrial extraction systems, an example being wet scrubbers to minimise the discharge of toxic fumes into thatmosphere.  

TPE excels in providing workable and affordable solutions to the many obstacles that confront our customers. We take pride in our ability to solve issues whether it be in the lab or the industrial sector.  

Our turnkey process from concept, design, build, install, and commission is welcomed by architects, engineers, manufacturers, and end-users. 

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