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Fumex Fume Extraction Arms

Fumex Fume Extraction Arms

Fume extraction arms exist to capture air pollution at its source and evacuate it quickly and safely. Depending on the lab and the equipment, the type of extraction arm required can vary greatly.

TPE’s newest product line is a range of fume extraction arms suited for all types of laboratory applications. With our extensive experience and knowledge in laboratory equipment, TPE can offer from the Fumex range a reliable, and durable extraction arms for use in labs throughout New Zealand.

Fumex introduction booklet cover

Fumex Fume Extraction Arms Options

ME extractor

The Fumex ME extractor has a unique joint structure that combines flexibility with a very low-pressure drop. Meaning air passes through the joints without causing unnecessary turbulence, and the variation in airflow between an extended arm and a folded arm is minimal.

ME Extractor Arm

PR extractor

The Fumex PR extractor arm has been designed for industrial environments. It features an aluminium supporting arm and hood, making it lightweight and easy to position. There are also integrated buttons for lighting, a fan start-up, and damper opening.

PR Extractor Arm

TEX extractor

The TEX extraction arm is a telescopic local extractor made for confined spaces. It features suction ducts in powder-coated steel plate, which is up to the challenge of tougher environments such as grinding dust and welding smoke.

TEX Extractor

PSS Food Safety Arm

The PSS has a smart and stylish design developed primarily for industries with stringent hygiene requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Fumex Extraction Arm

LF 100

LF 100- Portable filter unit for flexible solutions in temporary work areas. Suitable for use in work environments requiring the filtration of particles such as solder smoke.


The Fumex MiniTex extraction arm offers low-pressure drop, with its compact design this makes it ideal for limited spaces, and it is available as wall or ceiling mounted.

MiniTex Extractor Arm


The MEX AA is another telescopic local extractor. It is designed specifically for atom absorption apparatus and other high heat exhaust applications.

MEX AA Extractor Arm

PRG extractor

The PRG extractor is the same as the PR extractor model, but with an additional windscreen hood. This PVC hood is designed for maximum capture efficiency and extraction and features the same ease of manoeuvrability and positional stability as the PR arm.

PRG extractor

PRX extractor

The PRX extractor arm is another variation on the standard PR arm. This product comes equipped with gas springs to balance the weight of the arm, and is therefore made for more robust environments. It is easy to clean and comes with a wall mount and 360-degree swivel as standard.

PRX extractor