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Test Tube Drying Rack

Test Tube Drying Rack

Test tubes are mainstays of laboratories throughout schools, universities, and scientific centres. An effective and practical test tube drying rack is essential for all laboratories, and TPE’s wall-mounted rack offers a range of attractive features.

This standard rack can hold up to 24 test tubes at a time. Once the tubes have been washed, they can be placed onto the pegs where they will drip out their water, air dry, and soon be ready for reuse. The integral drainage basin and outlet means no hazardous messes in the lab, and the rack itself is easy to clean with no sharp edges.

The TPE test tube drying rack is made from vacuum-formed ABS and has PVC pegs. It is 600mm wide and 600mm high, and its wall-mounted design is an effective space saver in laboratories short on flat surface areas.

Note that the overall height, width, and number of drying pegs can be varied to suit.

Contact us to discuss our standard and custom Test tube drying racks.

Test Tube Drying Rack
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