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Fume Cupboard (CAV) with Scrubber

Fume Cupboard (CAV) with Scrubber

The TPE Perchloric fume cupboard with scrubber is an intelligently designed product that uses a constant air volume (CAV) model combined with a wet scrubber directly above it to remove acidic particulates when exhausting into the  airstream.

As contaminated air passes through the scrubber chamber, it encounters a polypropylene packing material called Pall Rings. Once the air hits the water that flows across the Pall Rings, acidic particles are absorbed into the water and drained into a sump below the work surface. An optional re-circulation system recirculates the water, or the “single pass” system drains the water to waste.

A mist eliminator pad helps to remove moisture from the airflow to ensure the air exhausted from the fume cupboard is largely moisture-free.

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Fume Cupboard with Scrubber
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