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Surface Extraction Systems

Surface Extraction Systems

Downdraft units exist to remove hazardous dust that results from laboratory work. This can include anything from asbestos testing and seedling inoculations to forensic tasks, pollen handling, and weighing chemical powders.

It is essential that any downdraft units operate effectively and efficiently, protecting the operator and others working in the laboratory.

TPE has created two downdraft units suited to this task.

Surface Extraction Systems: Downdraft Table
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The Laminair® Downdraft Unit

The Laminair® downdraft bench unit draws air from the room into its perforated work surface tray, preventing dust particles from escaping into the room and into the lungs of workers. This airflow moves to the rear of the unit and into a pre-filter and then a HEPA filter before exhausting back into the room.

This unit also features an exhaust fan with adjustable speed, a recessed fluorescent light, and an LED indicator that displays the need to replace the HEPA filter. The pre-filter exists to remove larger dust particles from the airflow thus extending the life of the HEPA filter.

Laminair Downdraft Unit
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The Mobile Downdraft Bench

The TPE mobile downdraft bench offers ductless dust extraction that is easy to move wherever it is required within the laboratory.

This downdraft bench can be used for a number of different applications involving fine powders, and it is often used to great effect in police laboratories to extract fine fingerprint powder from the air.

With a chemical-resistant work surface and perforated steel grill that doubles as a worktop, and a dust extraction inlet, this bench offers a practical and versatile downdraft solution. It also utilises a pre-filter and HEPA filter to clean the air before expelling it back into the lab.


Both the Laminair downdraft unit and the mobile bench have optional alternatives and features that can ensure your downdraft unit is ideally suited to your laboratory. Please contact TPE to discuss your options.

Mobile Downdraft Bench
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Download the appropriate product spec sheet above or contact us now to find out more about our Surface Extraction Systems and their use in your lab.