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Ecosash® is a smart piece of energy-saving technology that consistently reduces energy outputs and saves on power costs.

In a standard variable air volume (VAV) fume cupboard, the operator must remember to lower the sash in order to gain from energy savings. With Ecosash® installed, this system automatically lowers the sash after a pre-set period of inactive time, thereby reducing the level of air conditioned air being extracted.

This reduces the onus on laboratory staff and helps to ensure maximum efficiency from laboratory fume cupboards. Estimates suggest that it takes between 12-18 months for the Ecosash® to pay for itself in energy savings.

The Ecosash® will maintain the sash in the closed position when not in use,  which improves overall lab safety.  Easy to use and configure, it will automatically halt lowering if an obstruction is detected.

Retrofitting the Ecosash®

The Ecosash® is compatible with most brands of VAV-type fume cupboards, and the kit comes complete with all materials required for installation and configuration.

Adding an Ecosash® to your VAV system can improve laboratory efficiency and safety without the need to upgrade.

Contact TPE with any questions about the energy-efficient and practical Ecosash®.

Learn more about Ecosash® by watching the video below:

Download the product spec sheet above or contact us now to find out more about the Ecosash® and its use in your lab.