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Ecoair® (VAV) Fume Cupboard

Ecoair® (VAV) Fume Cupboards

The Ecoair®  (VAV)  Fume Cupboard is designed and manufactured in New Zealand for professional laboratories in New Zealand, Asia and Australia.  It offers proven fume extraction technology, and comes equipped with innovative energy-saving features.

To ensure the perfect fit every time, the Ecoair® system is available in a wide range of sizes, with options designed for the diversity of laboratories across the market.

A unique feature of all TPE fume cupboards is our split sash system. This means the open sash remains within the height of the fume cupboard, and allows ease of movement and a more compact form.

An essential addition is our Ecosash®, a technology designed to improve safety and optimise energy use. This feature offers automatic sash lowering and minimal loss of conditioned air from the laboratory.

Other features include 5mm toughened glass for the sash, a range of water and dry services, and a fully pre-wired system.

The Ecoair® Fume Cupboard uses a variable air volume (VAV) system for quiet and economical use, and fully complies with the AS/NZS 2243.8 (2014) standard.

Ecoair® Fume Cupboards
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Why choose a variable air volume (VAV) system?

TPE’s VAV system offers numerous advantages to modern professional laboratories.

In a fixed-volume system, fume cupboards exhaust the same amount of air regardless of the sash height, which leads to higher costs due to the extra air conditioning and heating required to replace lost air.

In a variable system where the fan speed changes automatically according to sash heights, less air is needlessly exhausted. This reduces the amount of heated or conditioned air that needs to be replaced, and brings electricity costs down.

Additionally, fan and wind noise from the fume cupboard can be kept to a minimum.

The Ecoair® VAV System continually monitors the position of the sash and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This results in a quieter lab with lower running costs and less energy waste, making for a more economical, efficient, and eco-friendly fume cupboard overall.

Further options for the Ecoair® Fume Cupboard

TPE is proud to offer a large range of customisation and a variety of features on all products that helps ensure the perfect fit for your laboratory needs.

With the Ecoair® fume cupboard, optional features include Ecosash®, under bench systems, side-view glass windows, a water spray system, electrical, plumbing, and gas services, a scaffold system, and more.

Contact us to find out more about our Ecoair® fume cupboards, the VAV system, or the many specifications and features we can work with to build the ideal extraction system for your lab.

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Download the product spec sheet above or contact us now to find out more about the Ecoair® Fume Cupboard and its use in your lab.