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Fumex Extraction Fans

Fumex Extraction Fans

Fumex is a world-leading environmental engineering company with a range of products all tailored to the evacuation of harmful airborne particles and gases. Fumex Extraction Fans are made in Sweden.

TPE is the New Zealand provider of the Fumex FB extraction fan range, which are radial fans designed for extracting particle-rich air such as gases, smoke, and small particles from laboratories, industrial spaces, and other work environments. These models can often be found in workspaces that require welding, or that deal with vehicle exhaust gases.

Depending on the model, the Fumex FB fan offers air flows from 200m³/h to 11 000 m³/h, all while providing a high level of energy efficiency, sustainability, and carbon reduction.

This product uses curved blades, and is manufactured from welded sheet steel. It is also electro-galvanised as standard, and optimised for use with other products from the Fumex range. Additionally, you can choose from a number of accessories designed for the FB fan range that can make installation and use easier and more efficient.

There is a variety of Fumex FB extraction fan models to choose from, each with different rated power levels.

Contact TPE to talk about which model will best suit your needs, and how Fumex can create a safer, more efficient environment for your workspace.

Fumex Extraction Fans

FB Fumex Fans

Developed for use with particle-rich air

Fumex fan FB is adapted to the specific requirements of local exhaust ventilation systems and evacuation of gases, smoke and small particles. For example in

  • Welding
  • Vehicle exhaust gases

Developed with a strong focus on performance and design:

  • For airflows from 200 m³/h to 11 000 m³/h

High total efficiency that meets the requirements of ErP 2015:

  • High energy efficiency, sustainability and carbon reduction

FT Fumex Fan

Developed for use with particle-rich air

Fumex fans are designed to comply with the specific requirements applicable to local extraction systems.

For use with air that is contaminated with high concentrations of dust Welding:

  • Vehicle exhaust gases

Self-cleaning impeller with straight blades:

  • Dust will not adhere to the fan’s blades
  • Reduced risk of imbalance and damaged bearings
  • Minimal risk of spark formation

Download the product spec sheet above or contact us now to find out more about the Fumex Extraction Fans and their use in your lab.