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Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

TPE’s Heat Exchanger is the most recent innovation in energy savings, in some cases cutting energy costs by 40%.

Key Features:

  • Saves energy by transferring up to 60% of the heat from exhaust air to incoming air
  • Can pay for itself in as little as a year and a half in optimal conditions
  • Built without any moving parts, entirely from corrosion-resistant plastics – meaning it will last longer than similar metal constructions
  • Can be used with corrosive fume cupboard exhaust fumes without risk of damage to the Heat Exchanger
  • Maintains safe working conditions even in the event of severe damage to the Heat Exchanger
  • Expected lifetime savings: $10,000 to $20,000 per unit in optimal conditions


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Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger effectiveness test

After simulating a variety of real-world laboratory conditions in our test facility, we tested the effectiveness of the Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger design at a range of airflow values, representing performance on a 2 metre fume cupboard. The results of this testing are shown to the right.

The results show the exchanger performs best at low flow rates, but even with the cupboard fully open, at maximum flow, over half the sensible heat in the exhaust stream is recovered by the Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger.

NOTE: The Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger is designed and built in New Zealand to relevant Fume Cupboard standards (NZS 2243.8- 2014).

Heat Exchanger effectiveness vs. flow rate

Effectiveness vs. flow rate

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