Fume Cupboard and Scaffolding System

Fume Cupboard and Scaffolding System

As an industry leader in professional-level laboratory equipment, TPE is aware of the challenges faced when setting up a fume cupboard.

A lab technician maybe required to place equipment, tubing, wiring, vessels, and other items within the cupboard’s work area. The need to anchor this equipment safely is essential during set up.

The TPE fume cupboard scaffolding system is the solution to this common lab issue. It provides a strong stainless steel grid of three horizontal and five vertical rods fastened across the back wall of the cupboard. They are adjustable, and take up little space within the cupboard, making for a hugely practical yet unobtrusive storage system.

There is also an option to add extra vertical rods if required.

Contact us to talk about the scaffolding system specifications and how this simple solution can make lab work easier, safer, and more convenient.

Fume Cupboard and Scaffolding System
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