Horizontal Fume Scrubber

Horizontal Wet Fume Scrubber

A wet scrubber is a device that removes contaminated gases such as soluble chemicals, fumes, and odours from the air. The TPE horizontal packed bed wet scrubber is an efficient and reliable design that effectively removes unpleasant and harmful materials from laboratories or industrial environments, prior to being discharged to the atmosphere.

The TPE horizontal packed bed fume scrubber uses a cross-flow design where the scrubbing liquid flows vertically downwards as the gas passes horizontally through the packing section. This design means the unit is less susceptible to fouling. It can be used in many situations, ideally for roof or ground installations.

The scrubbing liquid inside the unit absorbs the gas pollutant by physical or chemical means. Additionally, the spray system removes contaminants before they pass through the mist eliminator blades and are released into the atmosphere.

This TPE product is suitable for the removal of as much as 95%-98% of water-soluble acids and bases. Note that other contaminants may require chemical dosing systems.

Available in a range of sizes to suit airflow demands, the horizontal fume scrubber is a practical and reliable product from TPE. Please contact us to discuss the best model for your needs.

Horizontal Fume Scrubber
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