Motorised uPVC Damper


The standard Motorised Ductwork Damper consists of a PVC duct that is flanged and pre-drilled at each end, a precision mounted PVC damper, and a versatile actuator that can be wired to accept a variety of control signals.

  • Electrical: 230v AC, 50 Hertz
  • Duct section: 160mm, 250mm, 315mm, and 400mm external diameter PVC duct, 6mm thickness, 420mm long (excludes flanges)
  • Flanges: (one each end) 6mm PVC, welded to PVC duct, with holes for connection to customer’s ductwork
  • Flange Holes: 12x 10mm diameter holes, 350mm ctr. to ctr
  • Damper Shaft: 20mm diameter PVC
  • Shaft Mounting: Seated into UHMWP end cap sleeve which is pressed into PVC housing; at actuator end, shaft passes through a UHMWPE sleeve fitted with a Viton® pneumatic rod seal pressed into its PVC housing
  • Damper Blade: 4.5mm PVC
  • Actuator: Siemens GAP191.1E modulating actuator (2 second response)

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