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Fume Cupboard Controllers

Fume Cupboard Controllers

Fume cupboard controllers allow the operator to manage their laboratory fume cupboards with ease. Fully compliant with ASNZS2243.8 (2014)

TPE provides two types of fume cupboard controllers to meet the needs of any modern laboratory. These are the EcoAir III (VAV) controller, and the Constant Air Volume (CAV) controller.

EcoAir® (VAV) fume cupboard controller

The EcoAir® III controller monitors the sash position, continually adjusting the fan speed to maintain a constant face velocity regardless of the sash height. This means greater HVAC efficiency by minimising the heating or cooling of supply air to the lab, and more energy savings.

This is known as a VAV, or variable air volume system.

The EcoAir® III model will automatically increase fan speed when it detects a drop in air flow, which can happen when doors or windows are opened in the lab.

The EcoAir® III controller can be used for dual sash configurations and is proven for manifold design exhaust systems. The controller integrates with TPE’s Ecosash® automatic sash closer for comprehensive energy savings.

Constant Air Volume (CAV) fume cupboard controller

The Constant Air Volume (CAV) fume cupboard controller monitors air flow, and temperature, in order to provide a safe working environment for operators and others working in the laboratory.

During normal operation, the controller has four stages: pre-purge, ready to use, post-purge, and standby. Should abnormal conditions arise, it will instantly respond.

CAV controllers are used in fume cupboards with built in scrubbers or where supply air management is less important.

If you have any queries please contact TPE to discuss your options.

Retrofitting Fume Cupboard Controllers

Both the CAV and VAV controllers represent the latest in modern laboratory equipment. If your laboratory fume cupboards are older, keep in mind that TPE can retrofit new controllers and bring them up to code.

If you’re unsure about which fume cupboard controller is best for your fume cupboard, please call TPE to discuss your options.