PCR Cabinet

PCR Cabinet

The PCR cabinet, otherwise known as a PCR hood or PCR workstation, is common in genetic and biology labs. The TPE PCR cabinet decontaminates via ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Any exposure to this germicidal UV light between operations reduces the risk of cross-contamination within the cabinet.

To protect the user, this cabinet includes a sensor that cuts power to the UV lamps as soon as the door is opened. It is constructed with UV-resistant polycarbonate, which limits the penetration of UV light and is impervious to UV light itself.

This PCR cabinet also features:

  • A built-in timer control from 1-50 minutes
  • Sterilisation by 100NM U-VC radiation
  • Two powerful germicidal UV tubes to irradiate the work surface
  • Safety cutout switches within the door
  • An 800mm W x 500mm D work surface
  • Adjustable UV exposure
  • 5w LED internal lighting

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